Less analysis, more action

Spend your time acting on data instead of analyzing it. Powerful data analysis tools help you easily identify where opportunities exist before they become problems.
1. Build your audience panel
Find your ideal respondents by choosing from 50+ demographics and qualifiers: age, gender, job function, region, and more.
2. Prepare your research survey
Create a new survey from scratch or use an expert-written template for polls, consumer behavior, brand health, and more.
3. Analyze your results
See your responses come in—in real-time. Use custom reporting, filters, and cross-tab reports to home in on insights.

It’s time to rethink employee engagement
Partner with employees
Foster a partnership with employees. With Engage, they play an active role in organizational change.
Take a whole-person approach
Build a more rewarding employment experience by understanding the many factors that affect employee happiness.
Measure and improve engagement
Don’t wait months for insights! Engage is specially designed to quickly provide actionable data and foster behaviors and improve employee engagement.